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Margaret Chase Smith Essay Contest

Republican National Convention
Margaret for President Rally
San Francisco, CA
July 1964

2002 Margaret Chase Smith Essay Contest Flyer

2014 Essay Contest Flyer(PDF)

The year 1964 was a turning point in American history. The Beatles led the British Invasion. Congress overcame Southern filibusters and finally passed a Civil Rights Act. It also approved the Tonkin Resolution, drawing the nation even more deeply into the Vietnam War. In January of that year, Senator Margaret Chase Smith announced her candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination. She ultimately came in second to Senator Barry Goldwater, who lost the general election in a landslide to President Lyndon Johnson. The politics of 1964, however, launched a conservative revolution that soon brought to power Richard Nixon, followed by Ronald Reagan, the two George Bushes, and the Tea Party.

A half century later, the Margaret Chase Smith Library invites Maine high school seniors to write an essay on the significance of the changes the nation has undergone politically, economically, technologically, and culturally -- over the past fifty years.

Thanks to generous support from the Margaret Chase Smith Foundation, prizes this year are $1000 for first place, $500 for second place, $250 for third place, and five $50 honorable mention prizes. Essays are due by April 1, 2014. Awards will be announced on May 2nd. For sample essays and a list of past contest winners, click here. For more information, please contact John Taylor.

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