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Audio Recordings

Senator Smith and Hildegard

Listen to Leave It to the Girls, a song written by Hildegard for Senator Smith's 1964 presidential campaign.

MEET THE PRESS (Interview with Senator Smith: Republican Party, party line voting, Secretary of State Dewey, Dewey-Truman, MCS as a Communist, New Deal old age pensions, Townsend Plan, Marshall Plan, Taft-Hartley Act, Armed Services Committee, Foreign Relations Committee, unification, prediction of Dewey defeat, Senator Taft, Housing Bill, Aid to China, FEPC, filibusters, Everett Dirksen, price controls), 12/10/48; Lawrence Spivak, Ruth Montgomery, Warren Francis, Doris Fleeson, Peter Edson.

EDWARD R. MURROW, William S. Carleton, Raymond Graham Swing, Frank Lloyd, et al., 1953.

INTERVIEW (Pros and Cons, Victor Schleck), 3/28/54; Robert Jones

INTERVIEW (TV Panel, On the Spot), 5/19/54; Robert Jones

1954 CAMPAIGN (Congressional Quarterly, Bath Iron Works, UnAmerican Activities Committee, Bricker Amendment, Robert Taft), 6/5/54; Robert L. Jones.

PHILIPPINE PRESS (Interview with Senator Smith: social development for the Philippines, Maine compared to the Philippines, Philippine-American relations, East-West relations), 2/2/55.

PHILIPPINE CONGRESS (Visit by Senator Smith, Praise for her efforts on behalf of the Philippines), 3/1/55.


WOMAN FOR PRESIDENT (Interview with Senator Smith), 1/27/64; Ed Joyce.

WOMAN FOR PRESIDENT (Interview with Senator Smith; This I Believe), 1/27/64; Ed Joyce.

SMITH FOR PRESIDENT (Radio call-in), 1964; Ron Carroll.

CRITICISM OF CONGRESS (Vietnam, Johnson Administration, Robert Kennedy, inflation, price controls), 7/6/66.


TODAY SHOW INTERVIEW (Nixon Administration, Vietnam policy, Haynsworth nomination), 11/7/69;
Hugh Downs, Barbara Walters.

EDMUND S. MUSKIE INTERVIEW (Comments on Senator Smith as a Presidential candidate, the draft, student deferments, volunteer army), 3/31/71; David Frost.

TODAY SHOW (Interview with Senator Smith, McCarthyism), 3/20/72; Frank McGee.

MONKS VS. SMITH (primary campaign), 6/15/72;
David Culhane.

PRIMARY CAMPAIGN (Monks vs. Smith), 6/16/72; Frank Reynolds.

PRIMARY ELECTION RESULTS (Monks vs. Smith), 1972; Harry Reasoner.

SECONDING SPEECHES (Republican Convention), 1972, 1948; Spiro T. Agnew

REPUBLICAN CONVENTION (Senator Smith speech), 8/23/72

INTERVIEW WITH SENATOR SMITH (U.S. Senate, Senate procedures, committees, how a bill is passed, subcommittees, minority members, draft legislation, joint hearings, Republican conference, Republican Policy Committee, policy luncheon, record roll call vote, absenteeism, only woman in a gentlemen's club), 1972; Donald Larrabee

ELECTION RESULTS, 1972; INTERVIEW, 1973; Robert McCormick, Howard K. Smith.

INTERVIEW WITH SENATOR SMITH (Early Political Years), 10/21/87; Patricia Wallace

INTERVIEW WITH SENATOR SMITH (Chase Family and Growing Up), 7/13/88; Patricia Wallace

INTERVIEW WITH SENATOR SMITH (High School and Early Career), 7/19/88; Patricia Wallace

INTERVIEW WITH SENATOR SMITH (Teaching; Home Activities; Organizations; Employment), 7/27/88; Patricia Wallace

INTERVIEW WITH SENATOR SMITH (Chase Family, Political Campaigns), 9/23/88; Patricia Wallace

INTERVIEW WITH SENATOR SMITH (William C. Lewis, Jr.; Hip Surgery; Oral Histories), 9/28/88, Patricia Wallace

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