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Case Studies

Maranacook High School Maranacook High School AP US History students use case studies to practice writing document-based essays.

  1. World War II and the Homefront: A Study in Defense Mobilization and Public Policy

  2. Communism and the Cold War

  3. Tail Gunner Joe: The Declaration of Conscience and McCarthyism

  4. The United Nations & UNESCO

  5. USA Confidential Libel Suit

  6. Korean War Ammunition Shortages

  7. The 1954-55 World Trip of Margaret Chase Smith

  8. Suez, Hungary, and Eisenhower's New Look: Eleanor Roosevelt and Margaret Chase Smith Debate the 1956 Election Issues

  9. The Jimmy Stewart Controversy

  10. Fire in the Lake: The New Frontier, Space Program, Cuban Missile Crisis, and Kennedy Twist

  11. Abolishment of the Electoral College

  12. Energy & the Environment: The Passamaquoddy Tidal Power Project and the Dickey-Lincoln Dams

  13. Shipbuilding in Maine: Bath Iron Works

  14. Shipbuilding in Maine: Kittery-Portsmouth Naval Shipyard

  15. “Sick Movies:” The Movie Rating System

  16. “Leave It to the Girls:” The 1964 Presidential Campaign

  17. Supreme Court Nominations: Nixon’s Southern Strategy

  18. "Tin Soldiers and Nixon Coming:" The Second Declaration of Conscience (1970)

  19. The Vietnam War and the Pentagon Papers

  20. Roll Call Resolution: Absenteeism in the Senate

  21. The 1972 Campaign: Senator Smith's Last Stand

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