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"Women's World Group"

Margaret Chase Smith

"Cold War"
Radio statement
January 30, 1949

"Declaration of Conscience"
Statement on the floor of the U.S. Senate
June 1, 1950

"Senate Bill - S. 200"
Proposal making membership in the Communist Party illegal
January 7, 1953

"McCarthy Letter"
Letter to Joseph McCarthy
July 14, 1956

"Leave It to the Girls"
Lyrics to presidential campaign tribute to
Margaret Chase Smith
January 1964

Mutual Broadcasting System
Radio Newsreel
April 18, 1949
Margaret Chase Smith

From the collection: Statements and Speeches, vol. VI, p. 143

It is regrettable that so few women have been chosen to participate in the United Nations. It is amazing when one realizes that women constitute at least one-half of the world's population.

Wars are man-made. Peace could be partially woman-made. But the blunt truth is that women have merely echoed the same fears of men who make war. I just have a notion -- maybe it's a woman's hunch -- that were there a half dozen outstanding American women -- women versed in world affairs -- to sit down with a similar group of women from France, England and yes, even Russia -- to discuss means of attaining world peace -- that they could get somewhere. They might avoid the seemingly dangerous impasse that men have created to the moment.

The women of each major nation could select representatives to a Women's World Group that would meet in Paris or Geneva or some other place and hold a peace conference of their own. Their agenda would be to determine specific ways and means of moving in the direction of world peace.

The men have been given their chance -- why not let the women have theirs? At least it's worth a try -- for were it to do nothing else it would bring to the women as never before an awareness of their own individual responsibility in this matter of avoiding war and securing peace of halting world suicide and making peace a reality instead of just a hope.

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