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Librarian Angie Stockwell with Researchers
Northwood University
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July 2009

Abrahamson - Smith Correspondence
Abrahamson, Albert "Jim"
Professor of Economics at Bowdoin College; former WPA Administrator for Maine; Special Assistant to Secretary of Labor. Collection includes biographical article, correspondence with MCS, 1947-1986.
Over 150 letters
Aiken - Smith Correspondence
Aiken, George
Former Governor and U.S. Senator from Vermont. Correspondence with MCS, 1958-1978. File includes correspondence between Mrs. (Lola) Aiken and MCS. Also included: Metropolitan Broadcasting "Opinion in the Capital" interview with George Aiken,
12-8-63, 9 pp; numerous photographs
Alabama Congressional Delegation
Allen, Maryon; 1 letter, 1 article
Hill, Lister; 2 letters
Sparkman, John; 2 letters
Alaska Congressional Delegation
Bartlett, E.L.; 8 letters
Gravel, Mike; miscellaneous materials related to
U.S. v. Gravel
Stevens, Ted; 1 letter
Alfond, Harold
Owner of Dexter Shoe Co.; philanthropist; correspondence 1943-1989
Arizona Congressional Delegation
Fannin, Paul; 2 letters
Goldwater, Barry; correspondence 1959-88; articles; photographs; correspondence also in Armed Services Committee file Hayden, Carl; 2 letters; photographs
Arkansas Congressional Delegation
Fulbright, J.William; a few letters
McClellan, John L.; 3 letters
Baruch, Bernard
Author of, "If a man had made the Declaration of Conscience speech, he would have been the next President of the United States" Congressman from South Carolina Senate Committee of Foreign Relations 3 files of correspondence
Baxter, Percival
Former Governor of Maine; 5 letters
Bishop, Neil
Candidate for U.S. Senate against Edmund S. Muskie in 1970; correspondence related to 1970 campaign
Bolton, Frances P.
U.S. House of Representatives from Ohio; correspondence 1953-77; interview, Opinion in the Capital, 3-28-65, 13 pp.
Bowdoin College
Sills, Kenneth C.M., President
Brennan, Joseph E.
Former Governor of Maine; U.S. House of Representatives; correspondence, 1983-89; news articles; photographs
Brewster, Ralph Owen
Correspondence related to 1952 campaign; correspondence 1946-61; general materials
Caldwell, Bill
Newspaper Columnist; correspondence from 1970s
California Congressional Delegation
Cranston, Alan; 8 letters
Douglas, Helen Gahagan; 4 letters
Holifield, Chester; 1 letter
Hosmer, Craig; correspondence relating to promotion in U.S.N. Reserves
Knowland, William; 9 letters
Kuchel, Thomas; 5 letters
Lloyd, James; 2 letters
Murphy, George; 3 letters and photographs
Voorhis, Jerry; 3 letters
Carswell, G. Harold
Nixon nominee for U.S. Supreme Court; constituent correspondence regarding nomination; general materials.
Cherne, Leo
Economist, Presidential Advisor; Executive Director, Research Institute of America; Board of Directors, Freedom House; Vice Chair of President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board. Correspondence, social; correspondence in Freedom House file, routine; copies of 2 speeches.
Cohen, William S.
U.S. Senator from Maine. Correspondence, mostly social; general materials
Colby College
Strider, Robert, President
Colorado Congressional Delegation
Allott, Gordon; 15 letters
Dominick, Peter H.; 8 letters
Milliken, Eugene D.; 1 letter
Connecticut Congressional Delegation
Bush, Prescott; 1 letter
Dodd, Thomas J.; 1 letter
Weicker, Lowell; 2 letters
Cormier, Lucia
Ran against MCS in 1960 Senatorial campaign. File contains primarily newspaper reports of campaign
Craigin, Charles
Former Gubernatorial candidate in Maine (1982); file contains correspondence, social; clippings
Curtis, Kenneth
Former Governor of Maine, Ambassador to Canada. File contains official correspondence, 1966-70; 1970-88, correspondence, social from Curtis while President of Maine Maritime Academy;
news clippings
Dewey, Thomas
Former Governor of New York and Republican nominee for President in 1944-1948. Correspondence and news clippings
Eisenhower, Dwight D.
President 1953-61. 25 letters to MCS on various topics; 1 letter to Sherman Adams on Administration patronage policies; constituent correspondence re: campaigns, U-2 incident, misc.; general materials related to Eisenhower's relations with MCS, campaigns, policies, etc.; photographs; materials related to Eisenhower's visit to Skowhegan,
June 1955
Florida Congressional Delegation
Bennett, Charles; 5 letters
Chappell, William V., Jr.; l letter
Chiles, Lawton M., Jr.; l letter
Gurney, Edward J.; l letter
Hawkins, Paula; l letter
Holland, Spessard; l letter, photographs
Pepper, Claude; l letter
Smathers, George A.; rough notes of MCS
Ford, Henry II
2 letters
Fortas, Abe
Constituent correspondence; press reports.
Georgia Congressional Delegation
Nunn, Sam; 2 letters
Russell, Richard B., Jr.; correspondence, social; official re: ASC confirmation hearings
Vinson,Carl; correspondence 1945-75; copy of speech, articles
Governors of Maine
Cross, Burton; correspondence with MCS 1948-58; social correspondence to 1988. General materials; photographs
Hale, Robert
Former Congressman from Maine; small amount of correspondence
Hathaway, William
Former Congressman and Senator from Maine; collection contains information and materials related to 1972 campaign v. MCS. Correspondence between MCS and Hathaway; press reports
Hawaii Congressional Delegation
Fong, Hiram; 3 letters
Inouye, Daniel; 4 letter
Haynsworth, Clement F.
Nixon nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court. Constituent correspondence prior to and following vote; MCS statement on her vote; general materials and press accounts
Hildreth, Horace
Former Governor of Maine; Ambassador to Pakistan; President, Bucknell University. Correspondence 1943-71; election materials from 1948 Primary
Hoover, Herbert
President 1929-33. 4 letters concerning Hoover Commission Report on Government Reorganization
Idaho Congressional Delegation
Church, Frank; 2 letters, misc.
Jordan, Len; 2 letters, photographs
Illinois Congressional Delegation
Anderson, John; 1 letter
Church, Marguerite Stitt; 2 letters, social
Dirksen, Everett McKinley; photographs, correspondence
Douglas, Paul H.; 9 letters; photo of Mrs. (Emily Taft) Douglas
Percy, Charles, 3 letters
Stevenson, Adlai E. III; 1 letter
Indiana Congressional Delegation
Bayh, Birch; 3 letters; also materials in Electoral College File
Capehart, Homer E.; 2 letters
Jenner, William E.; 4 letters, materials pertaining to Japanese Peace Treaty
Iowa Congressional Delegation
Hickenlooper, Bourke B.; 5 letters, photograph
Miller, Jack; 3 letters, materials related to Miller's promotion in reserves.
Johnson Administration
Oral History Interview with MCS on August 20, 1975, 49 pp.
Johnson, Lady Bird; 87 letters, social
Johnson, Lyndon Baines; correspondence with MCS, 1957-72, over 30 letters
Correspondence, general; 5 letters from Lawrence F. O'Brien
Photographs, numerous
General Materials
Justice Department
Hoover, J. Edgar; 20 letters, 1949-72
Kansas Congressional Delegation
Dole, Robert J.; correspondence, social
Kassebaum, Nancy Landon; correspondence, social
Schoeppel, Andrew F.; 1 letter
Kennedy Administration
General Materials; photographs related to JFK visit to University of Maine, October 1963
Kentucky Congressional Delegation
Chelf, Frank; 1 letter
Cook, Marlow W.; 1 letter
Cooper, John Sherman; correspondence 1964-87, approximately 10 letters
Morton, Thurston B.; 1 letter
Larrabee, Don
Maine's D.C. Liaison - National Press
Lodge, Henry Cabot
Richard Nixon's running mate in 1960
4 letters, social
Longley, James B.
Former Governor of Maine, 1974-78. Correspondence, mostly social, a few official
Louisiana Congressional Delegation
Boggs, Lindy; 3 letters
Ellender, Allen J.; 4 letters, press clippings
Long, Russell; l letter
Willis, Edwin E.; 1 letter pertaining to Electoral College
Luce, Clare Boothe
Ambassador to Italy
Congresswoman 1943-47
Managing Editor of Vanity Fair Magazinebr>
Maine Congressional Delegation (incomplete)
Emery, David; 1 letter
Fellows, Frank; MCS Statement on death of Fellows
Kyros, Peter; 5 letters, general materials, press reports
McIntire, Clifford G.; extensive correspondence with MCS; general materials
Snowe, Olympia; correspondence; news articles
Tupper, Stanley; correspondence; press reports
Maine Legislature
Several correspondence folders
Martin, Marion
Former Commissioner of Maine Department of Labor and Industry, former Assistant to Republican National Committee Chairman. Correspondence, 1946-53
Maryland Congressional Delegation
Beall, J. Glenn; 2 letters
Mathias, Charles McCurdy, Jr.; 4 letters
Massachusetts Congressional Delegation
Brooke, Edward W., III; 8 letters
Heselton, John W.; 1 letter
Kennedy, Edward J.; constituent letters,
general materials
Martin, Joseph W., Jr.; Speaker of the House,
7 letters, 1944-66
McCormack, John W.; Speaker of the House, 3 letters
Saltonstall, Leverett; 15 letters, 1953-77; photographs
Smith, Benjamin A., II; photograph
McCarthy, Joseph Raymond
Army-McCarthy Hearings
Maryland Senatorial Election
Espionage by McCarthy
McCarthy opposition
Tail Gunner Joe
McKernan, John R., Jr.
Governor of Maine, U.S. House of Representatives; correspondence and materials
Michigan Congressional Delegation
Ferguson, Homer; 4 letters
Griffin, Robert P.; 2 letters
Hart, Philip; 1 letter
Vandenberg, Arthur; 1 letter
Minnesota Congressional Delegation
Humphrey, Hubert H., Jr.; 9 letters
McCarthy Eugene; 2 letters
Mondale, Walter; 1 letter
Mississippi Congressional Delegation
Stennis, John; correspondence, official and social
Missouri Congressional Delegation
Burlison, William D.; photographs
Hennings, Thomas C., Jr.; 4 letters
Kem, James P.; l letter
Sullivan, Leonor K.; 1 letter
Symington, Stuart; 9 letters
Mitchell, George
Senate Majority Leader, correspondence,
general materials, articles
Monks, Robert A.G.
Materials related to 1972 Republican Primary campaign
Montana Congressional Delegation
Mansfield, Mike; correspondence, photographs
Metcalf, Lee; l letter
Rankin, Jeannette; l letter
Muskie, Edmund S.
Former Governor of Maine, U.S. Senator, Secretary of State. Extensive correspondence with MCS, 1955-88; press clippings on Muskie's career;
general materials
Nebraska Congressional Delegation
Butler, Hugh; 2 letters
Curtis, Carl; 6 letters, photograph
Hruska, Roman; 2 letters, photograph
Wherry, Kenneth; materials in McCarthy file
Nevada Congressional Delegation
Bible, Alan; l letter
Cannon, Howard W.; 2 letters
McCarran, Pat; 4 letters
New Hampshire Congressional Delegation
Bridges, Styles; correspondence 1948-62
Cotton, Norris; 6 letters
McIntyre, Thomas J.; 3 letters
Tobey, Charles W.; 1 letter
Wyman, Louis C.; 4 letters
New Jersey Congressional Delegation
Case, Clifford P.; 2 letters
Hendrickson, Robert C.; 1 letter
Norton, Mary T.; 2 letters, social
Vreeland, Albert L.; 2 letters
New Mexico Congressional Delegation
Anderson, Clinton P.; correspondence, photographs
Chavez, Dennis; 1 letter
New York Congressional Delegation
Green, Sedgwick William; 1 letter
Javits, Jacob; materials, photographs
Keating, Kenneth; 2 letters
Kelly, Edna F.; 1 letter, social
Kennedy, Robert F.; 1 letter
Ostertag, Harold C.; photograph
Powell, Adam Clayton, Jr.; constituent correspondence regarding
St. George, Katherine; 1 letter, social
Nixon, Richard M.
President 1969-74.
Correspondence between MCS and White House Staff; general materials; press reports.
Correspondence with Bryce Harlow
Nixon-MCS correspondence, photographs
Agnew-MCS correspondence, 6 letters
North Carolina Congressional Delegation
Durham, Carl T.; 1 letter
Ervin, Samuel J., Jr.; 6 letters
Hoey, Clyde R.; 1 letter
Jordan, B. Everett; 1 letter
North Dakota Congressional Delegation
Andrews, Mark; 1 letter
Young, Milton; 17 letters, photographs
Ohio Congressional Delegation
Bricker, John; 6 letters
Saxbe, William B.; 1 letter
Taft, Robert A.; 7 letters to MCS; file also contains constituent correspondence of MCS related to Taft; general materials
Taft, Robert A., Jr.; 2 letters
Young, Stephen M.; 2 letters
Oklahoma Congressional Delegation
Bellmon, Henry; 1 lette
Kerr, Robert S.; 3 letters, photograph
Monroney, Mike; 2 letters
Oregon Congressional Delegation
Cordon, Guy; correspondence related to
1954 Senate campaign
Hatfield, Mark; 2 letters
Morse, Wayne; 1 letter
Neuberger, Maurine; 2 letters, photographs
Neuberger, Richard, 8 letters
Packwood, Robert; 8 letters
Payne, Frederick G.
Former U.S. Senator from Maine; former Governor. Extensive correspondence, MCS and Payne, 1944-72; news clippings; photographs
Pennsylvania Congressional Delegation
Gray, William H., III; 1 letter
Schweiker, Richard; 1 letter
Van Zandt, James E.; materials related to
promotion in U.S.N. Reserves
Scott, Hugh D., Jr.; 7 letters
Reagan, Ronald
President 1981-89. Correspondence, social; materials relating to coverage of Administration
Reed, John
Former Governor of Maine; correspondence 1960-88; press reports; photographs
Rhode Island Congressional Delegation
Green, Theodore; 1 photograph
Pastore, John O.; 2 letters, photograph
Pell, Claiborne; 3 letters
Roosevelt, Eleanor
5 letters; constituent correspondence; materials relating to MCS appearance on Roosevelt programs; debate with MCS on Face the Nation, 11-56
Roosevelt, Franklin D.
President 1933-45; 1 letter
South Carolina Congressional Delegation
Johnston, Olin D.; 1 letter, social
Thurmond, James Strom; 9 letters
South Dakota Congressional Delegation
Gurney, Chan; l letter
McGovern, George; 2 letters
Mundt, Karl; 2 letters; photographs;
materials relating to illness
State Department
Bowles, Chester; l letter
Dulles, John Foster; 1 letter, photographs
Kissinger, Henry A.; 2 letters
Rogers, William P.; 2 letters, social correspondence, photographs
Rusk, Dean; 2 letters, photographs
Vance, Cyrus; 1 letter
Strauss, Lewis
Eisenhower nominee for Secretary of Commerce; materials relating to hearings; l letter, Strauss to MCS
Supreme Court
Warren, Earl; 1 letter
Talberth, Edward D.
Journalist; Portland Press Herald; correspondence 1945-52
Tennessee Congressional Delegation
Baker, Howard H., Jr.; 11 letters
Brock, William E., III; 2 letters
Gore, Albert; 1 letter
Kefauver, Cary Estes; 4 letter
Kuykendall, Dan H.; photographs
McKellar, Kenneth; 1 letter
Texas Congressional Delegation
Bentsen, Lloyd M., Jr.; 3 letters
Pickle, Jake; l letter
Rayburn, Samuel Taliaferro; 2 letters; materials related to Rayburn Library
Tower, John; 4 letters; photographs
Yarborough, Ralph W.; 1 letter
Truman Administration
6 letters; photographs; misc. materials
Utah Congressional Delegation
Bennett, Wallace; 14 letters
Moss, Frank E.; misc. letters
Vermont Congressional Delegation
Prouty, Winston; l letter, photographs
Virginia Congressional Delegation
Byrd, Harry F., Jr.; 11 letters, 1953-88
Robertson, A. Willis; 2 letters, social
Washington Congressional Delegation
Cain, Harry P.; l letter, photographs
Hansen, Julia Butler; 2 letters
Jackson, Henry; l letter; photograph
Magnuson, Warren G.; 2 letters
Webb, James E.
NASA Chief
West Virginia Congressional Delegation
Byrd, Robert C.; 4 letters; photographs; materials related to Byrd's history of U.S. Senate
Randolph, Jennings; 8 letters, mostly social
White, Wallace
Former Senator from Maine, Senate Majority Leader, succeeded in Senate by MCS; misc. materials
Wisconsin Congressional Delegation
Byrnes, John W.; l letter
Laird, Melvin; photographs. Materials also in Armed Services Committee file.
Proxmire, William; 2 letters; photographs;
miscellaneous materials
Wiley, Alexander; l letter
Wyoming Congressional Delegation
Hansen, Clifford P.; 2 letters, photograph
McGee, Gale W.; l letter
Simpson, Alan K.; l letter
Simpson, Milward L.; l letter
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