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Timeline Exhibit
Timeline Exhibit

Cover Girl Exhibit
Cover Girl Exhibit

World Trip Exhibit
These handpainted papier-mache dolls were a gift to Senator Smith from Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev in October 1954.

The Library uses the collection to interpret the life and career of Senator Margaret Chase Smith (1897-1995) and place her within the context of her history and modern times. By illuminating artifacts as they relate to one person's devoted career in public service, the collection is an invaluable resource for anyone studying the political, social, cultural, educational, and architectural history of twentieth-century America.

In addition to over 300,000 primary source documents in the archives, the museum collection consists of over 5,000 artifacts including but not limited to Senator Smith's residence and her furniture, ceramics, textiles, household items, clothing, and other personal belongings; memorabilia related to her congressional career and subsequent political campaigns, souvenirs and gifts from around the world reflecting her activities with state, national, and world leaders; her awards and honorary degrees; and paintings and photographs of the Senator.

The collection is on display throughout Senator Smith's home (guided tours are available), in a permanent timeline exhibit illustrating her life and career from 1897 to 1995, and in changing exhibits prepared by Library staff each year. "The World of Women's Work" opened in July 2007 as part of the Central Maine Works Program. Margaret Chase Smith's life spanned almost the entire 20th century and her early work experiences paralleled the transformations taking place for women in the workplace. The exhibit explores her work experiences as a telephone operator, newspaper reporter, office manager for a textile mill as well as her experiences with women's social clubs and as a volunteer for the homefront during the two World Wars. The exhibit is on display until the summer of 2008.

The Library also maintains rotating displays in the Margaret Chase Smith Gallery at the nearby Good Will-Hinckley campus.

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House Tour
Museum Tour-Timeline Exhibit

Building Social Capital: A Lifetime of Civic Engagement
Central Maine Serves
Cover Girl: Margaret Chase Smith in the Media
An Era of Challenge: The Conferences of World War II
Evaluating the Cold War Climate: Fear, Communism, and Foreign Aid
Everything's Coming Up Roses
A Fitting Tribute: Clothing from the 1920s to the 1970s
The Homes of Margaret Chase Smith
Margaret Chase Smith: The Space-Age Senator
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